At-home DNA tests: when do you use one and how do they work?

At-home DNA tests: when do you use one and how do they work?

Identity is one of the big current themes in our world. Knowing who you are and where you came from is vital to understand your position in present-day society. Most people know their parents and can trace their lineage (at least to a degree). However, not everyone has this information. Additionally, there are situations in which it is not quite clear who the father is. A DNA test can help in such a complicated situation. It is often possible to do these at a facility, but it might be more comfortable for some to do it from their own home. In these cases, DNA home test kits are the perfect solution. This blog will look at such tests, first describing when they are suitable and then how they work.

When would you use a DNA test at home?

An at home DNA test is perfect when you want to be sure about the paternity of your child but do not need the results for court or other legal reasons. If a DNA-test is required for legal reasons, there are additional rules regarding the chain of custody for the results. However, if they are just for information, an at-home test kit might be perfect. The results are in very fast and it is much cheaper than alternatives. And no need to worry: the results for this test are just as accurate as for legal ones! However, note that these tests only work when the child is already born. It is possible to do a paternity test for an unborn child, but this cannot be done at home as blood needs to be drawn.

How do at-home DNA tests work?

When you have decided that doing the DNA test at home works for you, it is always nice to know how the process works exactly. The first step is ordering the test, which can easily be done online. Once this is done, the test will be shipped to you. Once you have received the package, you collect the DNA. This is done with a simple cheek swab. You then add the cotton swab to the prepaid envelope that is part of the kit you purchased and send it off to the laboratory. Inside the lab, the sample is prepared carefully. When it is ready, it is run two separate times by two independent teams. Then the results are reviewed. Once everything is ready, you can review your results online! Of course, the results are confidential, so there is no need to be worried.