Who can Immigrate to Canada?

Anyone with good credentials, work experience or looking to study in Canada can immigrate to Canada. The country is looking for individuals from across the globe to make Canada their choice of country to work and live. The immigration department of Canada has many visa opportunities to those who deserve a chance.

Immigrating to Canada requires different procedures. First is to apply for a visa. This is the crucial step because there are multiple avenues and categories and you need to apply for the one applicable to you. It is thus important to know what categories exist and who all can apply.

The main provisions can be three – students, workers and business owners.

Students:  Canada visa offers excellent opportunities for students as studying in the country means not only a chance to study in reputed educational institutions but also earning a degree that is recognised and respected all over the world. Students depending on the rules and other factors can even go on to work in Canada. It is necessary for students to get a study permit first to enrol in a Canadian University or school.

If you need any assistance in getting student permit and visa, then approach visa counselling companies which can be of great help.

Workers: If you are a skilled worker, you can immigrate to Canada and experience the varied opportunities to advance your career and life. You need to note that there are two different programs for skilled workers, one is for Canada and the other is for Quebec Province. You will be assessed on various factors and then given a visa if you satisfy all the categories listed.  For Canada, English knowledge is essential but for Quebec, you should know French language.

Business owners, professionals and investors: This is the third category of people who can immigrate to Canada. Investors and business owners with a considerable worth can easily set up business or invest in Canadian enterprises. A chance to partner with a robust economy is the best chance you need. Even if you are an experienced professional in the field of business, you get a chance to get a visa, provided you tick in all the boxes the authorities have put forward. If wishing to settle in Quebec, the French speaking province of Canada. You may need to get the required information for this province as well. You can search for “investir au canada immigration”. Quebec also offers programs for graduates of Quebec educational institutions or with work experience in Quebec to become permanent residents.

Another way to immigrate to Canada is to apply as a family member. For this, one of your family members should be a permanent resident of the country.

You should also know that when you apply for visa for Canada immigration, it is not just that you get a chance to live, study and work in Canada but you also get a chance to live here permanently. That is the best part of a Canada visa.