V-Day Ideas When You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

Living away from the person with whom you want to spend your time can be quite hard. Technology can help you stay in touch, closing the distance between you and your loved one, with video calls and texts; but still, it can be quite difficult to find ways to express your love sufficiently, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Keeping long distances in mind, here are some valentine gift ideas that will let you express your love for your partner in a romantic, yet easy to accomplish way.

Send a Surprise Delivery

What can be a more romantic gift than flowers and chocolates? Order them online and have them delivered to your beloved’s home. Show them how much you love them, by adding a note telling your partner about your deepest feelings.

Record a Love Message

Send your boyfriend/girlfriend recorded messages. Even simple recorded messages such as “I love you,” “I miss you”, and something as simple as a goodnight message can help alleviate your partner’s and your feelings of loneliness and make you both feel like you are together.

Surprise Visit

Nothing can be better than spending Valentine’s Day with your beloved. So, instead of sending some simple valentine gift, surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend by visiting them and spending the whole day together.

Plan a Series of Small Gifts

Instead of a single gift, why not plan out a series of small valentine gifts to be sent in small intervals? They can range from cute sayings and homemade CDs to a bouquet of flowers and other inexpensive stuff. Just make sure that they are not delivered together to maintain the element of surprise.

A Letter for Each Day of Valentine Week

Send your beloved a letter for all the seven days of Valentine’s Week. You could tell them about your best memories with them or send songs that remind you of your partner, or just about how you feel when you are with them. You will have seven letters to tell them how much you love them. It would make an even better valentine gift, if you send flowers with the letters.

Tag Them in Memes

Tag your partner in memes that are not only funny, but also show how much you love them. You can also share viral videos. This will make sure that both of you have the something to laugh about together, even if you aren’t with each other.

Gift Cards

Quick and easy, just like the flowers and chocolates; gift cards are a thoughtful present to give to your long distance partner as a valentine gift. But, to make the gift more personal, purchase a gift card from his/her favorite clothing brand, bookstore, or electronic store, or any other store that they like. This will make a perfect gift that your valentine will surely appreciate and use.

Long distance relationships are not always easy to work. Not only you must commit to one another, you must do all the work necessary to stay connected. Gifts can help bring you and your partner closer. Do not limit yourself to the ideas mentioned here, go creative and think of ways in which you can surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day.