Top 6 Jewelleries You Must Have This Festive Season

India is a country with a lot of festivities all year round. As we approach the month of August, the festival season gets into full swing. This is the time for women to dress up and flaunt jewellery in the latest designs.

There are many jewellery styles in the Indian culture. Though we love contemporary jewellery, traditional jewellery is what most of us reach out to during the festivals – earrings, gold necklace, bangles, payal, teeka and more. Here’s a guide to flaunt jewellery in style this festive season. Make sure you have every single item on the list below:

1. Necklace

Instead of going for a simple chain and pendant set, get yourself a necklace. It need not be heavy. It can be a single layer with a delicate design. It could be intricate or bold made of gold and studded with diamonds. A gold necklace goes beautifully with most Indian dresses. If you want to buy gold necklaces, there are many options like white gold, yellow gold or rose gold depending on the colour of your outfit.

2. Earrings

Your festive season ensemble is incomplete without adorned ears. A few styles of earrings that you can choose from are jhumkas, balis (hoops), studs, chandeliers, drops and ear cuffs. Complete your look with one of these earrings.

3. Bangles

Any traditional Indian dress is incomplete without bangles. If you don’t like to wear lots of bangles, you can choose to wear only two bangles, but you cannot go around with unadorned wrists. Besides the classic round bangles, you can also find them in a variety of other designs.

4. Rings

Wearing one or two rings can effortlessly elevate your outfit, while adding a significant flair whenever you move your hands. If you can afford to buy a ring studded with diamonds, it would be a great addition. If not, a gold or rose gold plain metal ring can also do the magic. There are plenty of designs ranging from understated to fine rings out of which you can find out what you can looking for.

5. Maang Teeka

Though not an essential, a maang teeka adds to your look. A drop hanging down your forehead completes the traditional festive look. If you do not wish to wear a teeka, you can adorn your forehead with fancy bindis. Though they don’t have the same impact, they do complete the look.

6. Payal/Anklets

The western trend for adorning the ankles is a single anklet, but the Indian traditional look and feel demands anklets with at least some ghunghroos on both ankles. The tinkle of the ghunghroos builds up the festive atmosphere. Though this is not a complete list for jewelleries for festive season, these are the basic essentials. There’s a lot more like Bajuband, kamarpatta, Nose ring and bichhua. The list of items that we can buy is endless. Being a woman, you would never think you have enough in your jewellery collection. There is always that one thing that you wish you could add to your existing collection.