The First and Last Thing About Using Parcel Courier Service

If you enter the data incorrectly and, above all, if it is of a smaller size and therefore you pay less, they will impose a penalty. Keep in mind that when they arrive at the place from which they are distributed all the packages are measured and weighed to verify that the entered data are correct, so it is better to avoid this type of problems.

Although this is something very obvious, do not be in a hurry to place the order either. Check several times that you have entered all the data, both the collection and the delivery, correctly. If you make a mistake then you cannot file a complaint if your shipment does not reach its destination.

Prohibited items in packages

This is something that you have to really take into account. On the one hand there is a series of items that cannot be sent in the packages. It is also good to check if there is anything, such as food, that you cannot take to that country. To send parcel to italy this is the best opportunities you can have now.

  • To be surer about what you can send and what is not best is to talk to the company that is going to give you the parcel service in question, since not all companies have the same list.
  • Even so there are some articles or products that usually coincide in the vast majority of companies.
  • send boxes door to door from England For those who miss Italian food and want your relatives to send you something they have to take into account that it has to be non-perishable food such as cans or vacuum packed foods.

If at the time of sending you have doubts about whether you can put any object contact you with the company to make sure you can send it or not. If while they are in distribution detect that you have entered any of the prohibited items, in addition to returning it to your home they will make an additional charge as a fine or penalty. For the international couriers uk service this is important.

The Other Reason:

Another reason why you can return the shipment or even destroy it (although it does not usually happen) is if you have included in the package liquid objects that have been spilled inside the box. In this case hygiene and safety would be the main reasons. For this reason, if you really need to include liquids or creams in your box make sure they cannot be poured.

We hope this post about sending cheap packages will help you if you find yourself in this situation. If you have used any company to send cheap packages that you want to recommend we read in the comments.