The Benefits of a 4-Hand Massage

Plenty of people receive therapeutic services from their massage therapists, and that’s why massages are popular all over the world. They come in many different forms, from Shiatsu massages in Asia to even erotic massages in Montreal. There’s just something about how an expert can use their two hands to help you relax and get rid of all your tension and pain.

But if you think 2 hands are great, what about 4 hands? This is when you have 2 massage therapists working in tandem to provide you a kind of massage that no single masseuse can provide.

Yes, this may well be more costly because you’re enjoying the services of two experts instead of just one. But then you can enjoy various benefits that you may not get from your regular 2-hand massage.

Greater Coverage

When you have 4 hands working together, they can work on more areas at the same time. So that means they can work on both your arms together, and not with just one arm after another. The same goes for your legs too.

At the very least, you can save time with a full body massage when you have two of them working on all your muscles at the same time. At the same time, you can enjoy the somehow more satisfying sensation of equal pressure to symmetrical parts of your body, such as your arms and your legs.

Greater Focus

In some cases, they can both concentrate together on one particular area so that they can stimulate the deeper levels of your muscles and tissues. This is often a problem when you’re bulky or muscled—how can a massage therapist reach deep when they’re alone? But it’s easier when there are two of them focusing on the same area.

This type of massage can help with certain muscle pains and strains. They can use deep tissue methods and maybe a system of pressure point manipulation to really work your muscles. The massage therapists can also help you become more flexible and give you better range of motion.

Extreme Relaxation

When you have 4 hands working on you, it’s easy to feel a lot more pampered than ever. This can help make you extremely relaxed because the sensation is truly indulgent. All you need to do is to just close your eyes and enjoy the sensations.

Because of this extreme relaxation, you can enjoy benefits such as reduced stress and better quality of sleep. If you’re suffering from too much work, you’ll love this type of massage.

The same goes if you’re having trouble with insomnia. Get a massage like this and later that night you’ll sleep soundly. In fact, if it’s possible you should try private massage therapists who can provide the service right there in your bedroom right before sleeping time. There’s a very good chance that their massage can lull you blissfully to sleep.

Improved Blood Circulation

This is already a benefit with a regular massage, but the level of improvement for your blood circulation goes way up when you have two massage therapists working on you together. They can work in tandem to get your blood going.

With better blood circulation, you’re better able to fight the symptoms of aging. Your muscles obtain nutrients more efficiently while wastes are moved out faster. Improved blood circulation can also reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and dry skin.

Enhanced Mental Health

When your body is feeling good and your tension levels are reduced, it’s natural to somehow be able to think and feel better. You’re certainly less likely to get depressed when you get 4-handed massages regularly.

So try a 4-handed massage if you haven’t yet experienced it. Once you try it, there’s a very good chance that you’ll want more of the same in the future—it’s that good.