Ten Pubs, Cafes and Bar in London That You Should Know About

London is filled with hipster cafes, historical pubs and trendy wine bars. If you love to have fun when you are imbibing in an alcoholic beverage, London has many places to visit. Whether you are a gaming fanatic, a board game buff or a history nerd, you should consider one of the following places your next night out on the town.

1. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

This location is the perfect location for history buffs. Several famous authors have been entertained here, including Mark Twain, PG Wodehouse and Charles Dickens. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is located in a 17th-century building that was built following the Great Fire of London. During the area’s heyday, it was considered a favourite among the Fleet Street pack. Today, the hacks have moved on; however, the pub continues to thrive just like it did back then.

2. Meltdown

Meltdown is a bar on Caledonian Road and is the first e-gaming bar in London. It has been described as a sports bar catering to gamers. You can sip a game-themed cocktail or do game-themed shots, including Doo, Stimpack and Jim Raynor. While you are there, you can play the bar’s featured game of the night from one of the game consoles arranged in an X formation or watch the action from one of the bar’s many widescreen televisions.

3. The Old School Yard Barn and Playground

The Old School Yard is a great place to indulge your inner child. Here, you will enjoy 90s music, pizza and foosball. In addition to this, there is a retro console in the corner where you can play for free. This makes for a great engagement drinks venue

4. Draughts

Draughts is a cafe and bar for board game lovers located in east London. The bar has numerous games for patrons to enjoy including Cards against Humanity, Backgammon, Game of Thrones, and even Hungry Hippos. When visiting the grab, grab you a game, pull up a seat and enjoy a night of friendly competition.

5. The Viaduct Tavern

If you prefer spirits, you must visit The Viaduct Tavern. This is the last surviving London-based Victorian Gin palace. Oftentimes, it is overshadowed by the world-renowned St. Paul’s Cathedral. The pub at one time was a debtors’ jail and was a part of the Newgate Prison. Fun fact: Some of the jail cells still remain and are used as beer cellars by the pub.

6. Drink, Shop, Do

If you love craft lessons, Legos and colouring, the Drink, Shop and Do is your perfect location. This cafe/bar is located in King’s Cross and is the perfect place for crafty people Throughout the week, the cafe/bar has themed nights to ensure there is always something interested going on.

7. Jerusalem Tavern

The Jerusalem Tavern is located in Farringdon and has been serving patrons since the 14th century. The current building was built in 1720. The Jerusalem Tavern is filled with history and is the perfect location for history buffs. Additionally, the tavern has great beer. Recently, the Jerusalem Tavern was ranked the third best pub in London from a poll of more than 20,000 Londoners.

8. Booking Office

If you want to take a step back in time and see another side of the King’s Cross station, look no further than the Booking Office located at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. This bar is known for its delicious cocktails and grand setting. It is actually King’s Cross original booking hall. The 29-metre long bar is impressive. If you enjoy cocktail through the night and into the morning, the accompanying restaurant makes an amazing breakfast as well.

9. Loading Bar

Loading Bar is the second game bar on this list. It is located further east in Dalston and is the perfect place for enthusiastic gamers to have a drink, relax and play games. The bar features gaming-themed cocktails like Alien: Inebriation and the World of Barcraft. There are consoles throughout the bar that are available to play for free. When a new game launches, the hold launch nights and feature themed cocktails.

10. The V&A Cafe

Almost every Londoner knows about the V&A, especially geeky Londoners. However, many don’t venture to this beautiful cafe. It is not a fancy restaurant. It is more of a coffee and tea room that allows you to sit and relax with piano music playing in the background. Make sure you visit here either before or after you have visited the museum.