Six tips to reduce highblood pressure in winter

High blood pressure is the most common problem find in human beings. This is also knows as hypertension. The blood pressure is measured from the amount of blood circulate in blood vessels and the amount of resistance for blood when heart is pumping. The narrow arteries causes the high blood pressure. In simple terms, it is measured as how much pressure a heart takes to pump the blood in vessels through out the body. In winter, high blood pressures creates more problem as the inner body’s temperature is less and less physical activity due to the cold also increases the blood pressure.

The common symptoms of the high blood pressure are:

  1. Headache
  2. Dizziness
  3. Chest Pain
  4. Vision Problem
  5. Irregular Heartbeat
  6. Fatigue

These symptoms needs the immediate medical help as high blood pressure leads to heart attack.

The main causes of high blood pressure includes:

  1. No physical activity
  2. Intake too much salt in daily diet
  3. Taking stress
  4. Old age
  5. Smoking
  6. Consumption of alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with the high blood pressure, then you must be very serious regarding the cure for it. You might think about the medicines. But making changes in your daily life style also plays a important role in treated high blood pressure. In initial stage, you can manage your blood pressure level easily without the medication if you make some changes in your routine life.

 Let’s talk about some tips you can adopt to reduce the blood pressure level.

Limit your outdoor activity: You may reduce your outdoor activity to reduce the blood pressure as due to sudden changes in weather inside and outside of the house may put extra burden on heart and increase the blood pressure level. Staying as home helps to maintain the blood pressure as the temperature in house is constant and your heart will work properly without any sudden pressure. If you have to go outside your house for any urgent work, you can wear scarf, gloves, shoes and proper cover your body with jacket, sweater so your body will not loose the conserve heat and outside temperature will not effect you.

Do physical activity/exercise: You must do the physical exercise in the morning so your muscles will be in motion. Daily exercise will keep your cardivasular system in good condition so in winter the heart will manage the extra pressure. You may go for the walk little late in morning to avoid cold and avoid extra stress on heart due to the cold. If you are doing exercise in open, you must try to avoid breathing cold air. You can cover your nose and mouth with cloth to avoid the cold air. Daily exercise will give heat to your body so the heart will not take any extra pressure to pump the blood in throughout the body.

Eat garlic: Eating garlic is the most common and natural remedy for controlling the high blood pressure. Research also proves that the daily use of garlic may reduce the blood pressure level. Garlic may find in every kitchen. You may eat the garlic in raw form or you can mix it with other vegetable like other spices. But the best way to eat garlic is in raw form. Garlic contains allicin, diallyl disulfide which are responsible for reducing the blood pressure levels. You may eat 2-3 cloves daily. You can talk to your doctor if you want to eat more cloves to lower your blood pressure levels.

Intake more water: Drinking water is good for health and also avoid too many diseases. Water is the natural remedy to reduce the blood pressure. You must intake good amount of water so you body will be hydrated. In winter, it is little difficult to drink more water, but you have to take little pressure to drink water. You may take warm water so your blood vessels will be soft so heart will not have extra pressure to pump the blood in your vessels.

Control your body weight: You must check your body weight regularly. You can limit your daily diet, doing daily exercise, running to control your body weight. Gain in weight is most common cause to increase blood pressure. You can consult with dietician to plan you diet. You can also drink lots of water so the body can release the unhealthy toxins. You must check your blood pressure level in winter to avoid any problem. Controlling a body weight is very important for the regulating the high blood pressure.

Keep proper medicines: You must keep your blood pressure medicines and monitor at home as during the winter its not possible for you to visit the chemist shop due to the cold strom. In winter, maintaining the body temperature is difficult as heart has to put more pressure to pump the blood in through out the body. You need the blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure levels. Its gives you the idea about your heart health. You must consult with your doctor regarding your heart health so he can suggest you if you need and advise. In winter, many of the patients needs to be more careful regarding to their heart health.

Blood pressure is the most common problem find in most of the humans. It is increasing day by day due to the lack of physical exercise. In winter, everyone should take care of their hearts and take proper diet inculding alomonds, green salads, vegetables, seasonal fruits etc. Heart is the main and most hardworking part of the body. If your heart is healthy then your all body will be fit. You must go for the daily morning walk little later in winter so you can avoid cold. You may also wear proper clothes in winter so the body will not release the inner heat and the temperature will not decrease and your heart will not take any extra effort to pump the blood. You blood vessels will also not get strain if you do proper exercise.