Importance of Brand Awareness in the Search Engine Optimization

Brand awareness is as crucial and important as the brand itself. Brand awareness is how much your customers are familiar with your brand, what image they hold about your products and services. Brand awareness comes with marketing and advertisements. It won’t be wrong to say that marketing determines the brand awareness of a brand. The more you spend on marketing, the more it is going to repay you.

Just as there’s a link between marketing and the brand awareness, there is almost no connection between the brand awareness and company’s SEO. Social platforms like Instagram do help a business grow its audience. They market a brand’s products or services and grab more Followers for a particular brand.

There are some of the SEO elements that are affected by the activities being held on the social media platforms. A latest study conducted by the Red C Marketing reveals that majority of the people are going to search for the brands that they are familiar with, or they will search for brands with whom they had some positive favorable experiences instead of looking for a new brand in the web engine. Hence, this study shows that the brands with more brand awareness and positive brand value, will have more recognition in the market. And, these brands are going to retain their customers for a longer period of time as they won’t switch over. The value they provide to the customer is going to repay them in the form of profit and sales.

Therefore, raising brand awareness is the first thing that the brands need to consider. Brands can use different types of marketing and advertisements in order to create brand awareness. Brands should use different social media platforms and engage customers in a positive manner. They should actively use these social medias, be quick in response, reply to compliments, address issues, and appreciate positive feedback in order to attract more and more customers. Social media in today’s world is used by everyone. Brands should efficiently use social media as a medium to connect with their audience. They should positively persuade customers to shop from their brand.

Past customers are more likely to use the same brand for years because of the familiarity with the brand. A customer who is familiar to a brand, has used products from those brands will buy from the same brand instead of taking risk and experiencing a new brand. And then there are people who have never bought anything from a particular brand but they will still opt for that brand because of having the image of being a trusted brand. Any brand that is known by the audience is positive terms will definitely attract more and more customers towards it. Therefore, the key in retaining already present customers and attracting new customers is indeed the brand awareness. Companies should work on creating a strong brand awareness and positioning their product into the minds of the customers. Brand awareness is what determines the growth of a brand in the market.