How Much Do People Spend on Funeral Services?

The typical cost for funeral services like other items and services has been gradually increasing over the last 20 years. You might remember a specific figure in that past, but chances are, the latter is no longer accurate.

The cost of funeral arrangements today

What most people know about the cost of funeral services do not take into account the cost of inflation and the extra expenditures associated with burial in a cemetery and the purchase of a headstone.

When all funeral-related costs are factored in, the regular conventional funeral service will cost the average Australian family closer to $4000 to $15000. Why the large disparity you ask?  To better understand the cost of the latter, it is well worth going over how the funeral service industry works. This will provide us with a solid understanding of where our cash goes when planning a funeral.

How the Funeral Service Industry Works

Majority of people planning a funeral use the services of funeral directors in Canberra (or wherever you are in Australia). The funeral director is either the proprietor of a funeral business or, more commonly, a worker of a big corporate-owned chain of funeral homes.

In many cases, the funeral director’s settlement is connected to the earnings he generates for the funeral house or the sales commissions he earns. While the latter will assist as the family’s primary provider when planning a funeral service, other services are involved as well. In addition to the funeral house, many households will need to use the services of a cemetery and a headstone dealership.

Many times, the funeral director will coordinate the purchase of products and services in between the household and the cemetery and headstone dealer. While this is indeed convenient for the family, you require to bear in mind that you are purchasing things from three separate business entities: the funeral home, the cemetery, and the headstone dealer.

The funeral director’s primary duty is creating earnings for the funeral home. Sadly, this frequently indicates the funeral director’s primary goal is to increase the quantity of cash you spend at the funeral home, leaving cemetery and headstone expenses as a different expense for the household. This is why the simple funeral service is publicised as costing $4000– because the household frequently pays at least that much to the funeral director.

Nevertheless, the household still has to pay the cemetery for the purchase of land and the dealership for the rate of a headstone. It’s these additional goods and services that include another $4000 to $11,000 to the price of a funeral. Regrettably, numerous households do not discover this out up until after they have signed a contract for the funeral services with the funeral director.

What can you do to lower funeral cost?

It is fair to state that most families are shocked when they find out how much they need to pay for funeral costs in Australia . Luckily, proper funeral planning can yield substantial savings. The answer is to plan no matter how grim of a though it might sound. With some thorough planning and understanding of how the funeral service industry works, the average family can reduce out of pocket expenses by as much as $5000. The latter is a significant amount of money and one that will help relieve the pain and worry for the bereaved family members