Have a Bucket List for Mumbai? Ditch it and take the help of a Local

Every city, every country has different cultures, traditions, and are different. Mumbai is also different yet vibrant and has a lot to offer. Anyone who visits Mumbai will surely fall in love with the city. There are many direct Ahmedabad to Mumbai flights available very frequently. Mumbai is a hub where you can enjoy shopping, restaurants, shooting locations, fast or street food, beaches, malls and much more. This metropolitan city makes everyone happy.

You might have planned a lot of things to do when planning to visit Mumbai. If you are visiting Mumbai for your holiday with family or friends, do not follow one. Experience Mumbai, the most unusual way by not following a bucket list, just ditch it and take the help of a local to find out the information about the place you want to visit. A Mumbaikar gives you best insights of a place you want to visit. Here are some places and ways you would like to explore through the eyes and views of a Mumbaikar.

Get Lost

When you arrive in Mumbai, just drop the bags, leave your hotel, step out into the city and start exploring and get lost in the energetic city. Walk down the alleys, take a wrong turn, chat with friendly locals, enjoy the local delicacies like chat, falooda, dosa’s and sit in a local park. This is simply the best way to explore Mumbai. Get lost in the shopping areas; show your bargaining skills and shop till you empty your pockets, enjoy the sun rising from behind the Royal Gateway of India will take your breath away.

Stay Locally

It’s always easy to get multiple staying options in between the city and close to most of the tourist spots. There are many hostels, hotels available in the local areas. Try eating at local food streets, restaurants, commute and stay at where local people live their day-to-day lives. Check with Mumbai’s local search engines which offer best possible rates in the local localities.

Eat the local cuisines

Do not sit in your accommodation and order any food, travel like a local and taste all the varieties of the local delicacies. You can save a lot of money while eating at local food outlets. Some of the best local foods available in Mumbai are Kebab’s, Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, Falooda, and much more are available.

Make Local Friends

Mumbaikar’s are fun loving and easy to make friends with. Start a conversation with a stranger in this most happening city of India and trust that you don’t feel foreign. You will understand the cultures, traditions, interests, hobbies, talents, and much more of the local people. This will surely open new avenues to your thought process.

Use local transport

Travel in the best network of local trains, they give you glance into a life of true Mumbaikar’s lifestyle. You will get to enjoy the local snacks sold by the vendors. Go on a ride in the Rickshaw on the streets of Mumbai, you will quite like the feeling of wind. Take a bike ride in the bustling traffic of Mumbai. Use local transport system in Mumbai to get a real feel of Mumbai.

Make sure you visit the evergreen beach tourist spot in Mumbai, i.e. none other than Marine Drive, which looks attractive in the morning and tantalizing in the night. Take a stroll in the night beachside with your near and dear, makes your tour a memorable one. Visit Siddivinayak temple,   Take a direct Ahmedabad to Mumbai flight and ditch the bucket list, take help of Mumbaikar and explore Mumbai to the fullest.

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