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Installation – a sanitary product intended for installation of suspended toilet bowls practically anywhere in the bathroom, regardless of the type of wall. Thanks to innovative technologies, the design hides behind a false wall, only the flush button and, directly, the hygienic device itself are visible, which makes the interior of the bathroom more ergonomic.

The first pendant toilet bowls appeared in the 80s, quickly gaining popularity among consumers, due to their aesthetics and practicality. Initially, this design was used in commercial premises (restaurants, cafes, etc.). However, the compactness and sophistication of sanitary equipment quickly became popular among designers. Installing the installation, you can save a great quadrature, make the room more spacious and hygienic. From the good at plumbing services you will be having the best deals now.

Types of installation systems

Those wishing to harmoniously decorate the bathroom can be advised to buy an installation for the toilet . Modern manufacturers offer such basic types of structures:

  1. Block types are a construction that is distinguished by its availability and simplicity. The block has all the load, so the element should be additionally overlaid with brick during installation. Otherwise, the finish coating of the false wall can crack.
  2. Frame version – a more ergonomic version of the finish, equipped with four points of support (2 per wall and floor). As a rule, in the sanitary ware, it is possible to adjust the height of the legs during installation.

Basic recommendations for choosing an installation system

To ensure a long lifetime of flush-mounting systems for the toilet, several nuances should be envisaged:

  1. Type of wall

A brick or concrete wall does not limit the choice of design, allowing to install absolutely any kind (in order to reduce waste, it is better to purchase a block installation). It is not recommended to install such an installation on plasterboard walls, because brittle material will break down from the weight of the ceramic sanitary device, giving preference to frame analogues. From the good at plumber Singapore services you will be having the best deals.

  1. Location

Modern installations make it possible to vary the location of sanitary ware depending on individual preferences and practical considerations. For example, a toilet can be installed directly on a wall, in a niche or even in a corner.

  1. Flush button

Element plays one of the key roles in the arrangement of the bathroom with the help of a hanging toilet. On the market there are two-mode buttons (economy-standard, flush-stop) or sensor sensors. For the latter, it is recommended to additionally provide wiring or battery power.

Prices for installation for the toilet vary depending not only on the equipment, but also on the manufacturer’s fame. Brand products, no doubt, are more expensive, but will last much longer than budget analogues. Having preferred the sanitaryware from a trusted manufacturer, you will ensure a reliable and uninterrupted operation for a long period.

The leading holdings use exclusively proven raw materials and high-quality materials. Continuous search for topical solutions and innovations stipulates remarkable operational advantages of manufactured sanitary ware. For example, the installation for the toilet is covered by a warranty period of up to 10 years.