Bread and Butter is Their Bread and Butter

Some companies [Panera Bread] reach a point when word of mouth is good enough. Advertising and marketing are secondary to quality of product. But when has that stopped the time honored and proven marketing approach? Well, never.

With the advent of the Internet, the unbreakable bond between restaurateur and marketer has never been stronger. Coupons are amongst the greatest inventions mankind has ever brought to fruition! You laugh now but “He who laughs last…” etc.
Groupon will have the last laugh because they provide an elegant solution to every companies marketing strategies.

Panera Bread is yet another success story with food and flavor above and beyond average. It’s not just sometimes that people seem to have a taste for the all-natural and unique offerings of Panera bread, it’s every day.

There’s no need to offer great promotions and incentives to get you there. It’s just fun to do. And it … Read the rest

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