What is Smart Lipo and How is it Different to Traditional Liposuction?

You may already be familiar with the term liposuction and have a reasonable idea of what the procedure involves.  A popular form of cosmetic surgery, not just in the UK but worldwide, it is a type of fat reduction performed on both men and women where fat cells are removed from the body by a qualified dermatologist.  However, since its approval by the US FDA in 2006, and its introduction to the UK shortly afterwards, Smart Lipo has proven to be a significant advancement to the traditional procedure.  Here we will look at the differences between Smart Lipo and traditional liposuction.

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How is the Fat Removed?

Where traditional liposuction is seen as more of an invasive procedure where a cannula is required to physically suck fat from under the skin, usually leaving significant bruising, Smart Lipo uses only a laser.  By inserting a laser inside the cannula, … Read the rest

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