Bread and Butter is Their Bread and Butter

Some companies [Panera Bread] reach a point when word of mouth is good enough. Advertising and marketing are secondary to quality of product. But when has that stopped the time honored and proven marketing approach? Well, never.

With the advent of the Internet, the unbreakable bond between restaurateur and marketer has never been stronger. Coupons are amongst the greatest inventions mankind has ever brought to fruition! You laugh now but “He who laughs last…” etc.
Groupon will have the last laugh because they provide an elegant solution to every companies marketing strategies.

Panera Bread is yet another success story with food and flavor above and beyond average. It’s not just sometimes that people seem to have a taste for the all-natural and unique offerings of Panera bread, it’s every day.

There’s no need to offer great promotions and incentives to get you there. It’s just fun to do. And it always works and the people who do it truly enjoy providing it to the world.
Fast food is a bit of a misnomer. It is a factually accurate phrase, but it has come to be looked down upon for some reason. There are perhaps many societal reasons for how some meanings of phrases and words mutate in overtime, but the underlying truth can never be denied. The fast food industry is what makes the world go around and if you can’t cut it in the fast food restaurant business, you will sink fast.

It’s all good and it has to be or else! Fortunately for everyone the result of fierce competition is high quality and low prices. The marketing genius of offering coupons is a true stroke of historic brilliance and helps everyone to know what is out there to be enjoyed.

Apropos, it’s hard not to mention the giants of fast food history and the brilliant marketing techniques that were born of their business and advertising acumen. Click here for some historic facts, learning always makes me hungry anyway: Food History.
Some will think less of those who clip coupons to save a buck or two, however, those who clip coupons to save a buck or two are far too intelligent to think less of others. Therefore, those who seek to measure the intelligence of their fellow man, need only observe the keen behavior of thrift in the everyday life of those so observed. Hence, the observer will have empty pockets while the observed will have a full tummy! Ha!

So, clip away. The offers are genuine and meant to share wondrous things made by wondrous people. Not to “lure”. To be easy and enjoyable, to be a benefit to everyone on both sides of the fast food industry, customer and restaurateur. Not to mention marketers, without whom, many great things produced by great people would go unseen and unknown. The importance of coupon marketing is obvious and should be embraced and celebrated. Let’s clip a few in thanks to those who work hard to provide them.