4 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Dermatologist

Many people feel a strong desire to work in a medical field, but aren’t sure what they want to specialise in. For those who are still trying to make up their minds, dermatology is a profession well worth considering. Here are four of the most compelling reasons to consider a career in dermatology.

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Excellent Salary

One of the most appealing aspects of training to perform a skilled job, such as being a dermatologist, is the excellent salary that the position commands. A dermatologist is a specialist medical doctor, and they are paid accordingly for their expertise. The average salary for a dermatologist is much higher than the general average salary. Whether you decide to ultimately work for an NHS hospital, or for a private organisation along the lines of The London Dermatology Centre, working as a dermatologist certainly pays well.

A Rewarding Career

As with any career in medicine, working as a dermatologist will give you the perfect opportunity to help other people and to make a tangible difference to their lives. For those who take a particular interest in the skin, and its health, work as a dermatologist will prove endlessly fascinating. Some people are under the misapprehension that being a dermatologist involves little more than prescribing acne medication and looking at warts.

In reality, there is a great deal for a dermatologist to learn. The skin covers the entire human body, meaning that different areas are affected by different conditions. The work of a dermatologist might not often involve life and death situations, but it is still a job that offers numerous opportunities to improve the lives of others.

Challenging Work

Along with the chance to help other people, the other big attraction to work in the medical field is the constant challenges that the work throws up. The skin is far more complicated than most people realise, and no two presentations of a condition are the same. Each person’s body will react differently and require a unique approach to treatment.

It is only with the experience that comes from working in the field for a number of years that a dermatologist can gain the intuition needed to make the more difficult diagnoses. The longer you work as a dermatologist, the more knowledge you will gain, and the more unusual presentations of common conditions you will encounter.

Varied Work

Being a dermatologist involves a lot more than simply treating a handful of common conditions. Because the skin is spread over our whole bodies, it is susceptible to a variety of issues. Dermatologists often have to work with other medical practitioners, for example, in cases of skin cancer, an oncologist will be consulted. This means that, even if a dermatologist doesn’t treat a patient for the entirety of their treatment regimen, the work they do in diagnosing problems from evidence present on the skin can be just as important and life-saving as any other medical work.

There are few medical professions that are quite like dermatology. The range of issues that the average dermatologist sees and treats ensures that the work remains varied, no matter how long you work in the field.