Cody Moxam’s Tips for Being Healthy While Working at Home

People who work outside the home often establish routines that incorporate a bit of gym time in the mornings or evenings. When you work inside the house, though, you have the freedom to do whatever you want, and that lack of structure sometimes means that people neglect daily doses of physical fitness. Students, too, might not find time for exercise between going to class, working, and completing homework assignments. Students and telecommute workers have something in common, though, and it’s that they have more opportunities for exercise than they realize. Biochemistry student and entrepreneur Cody Andrew Moxam at the University of Dallas shares some advice regarding keeping your body healthy when you accomplish a significant amount of work outside of an office or classroom:

Set up your work environment

While working from your couch is an option, many home-workers prefer to have an established workspace where they can focus on … Read the rest

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